Welcome to MART 2017

Welcome to MART 2017. The MART program provides the opportunity for Marian, Myrtleford P-12 and St.Mary’s students to develop skills and confidence in snow sports under professional instruction, while supervised by school staff and parents. To participate you MUST complete this online registration form which will be available from Friday the 5th of May, 2017.

About the Program
The program is designed for students who wish to experience the sports of skiing or snowboarding while gaining some competition experience. All levels of skiing and snowboarding ability are catered for, from beginner to advanced.
We provide skill development in skiing and snowboarding with groups split into ability and age levels. Groups are kept to a manageable size to ensure quality training. Novice primary school beginner skiers will have three full days of professional instruction in the Kids Klub at Big D before hitting the slopes with parents and supervisors.
The Program is based on 8 day visits to Mt. Hotham. Currently the MART Program offers morning skiing/boarding supervised by teachers and volunteer parents from your schools. If interest is sufficient, we will operate race specific training during lessons.

The program package includes lift tickets for each of the 8 days, return bus travel from Myrtleford to Mt. Hotham, daily ski/board lessons and resort entry. Families are responsible for providing ski/boarding equipment including helmets, lunches and any personal purchases. Primary students taking advantage of the Kids Klub offer will be charged an extra $50.40 for lunch for the first three days.

In 2017 participant numbers will be capped to match the number of teacher supervisors available from the three schools. Preference will be given to 8 day program participants however, 4 Day program participants are encouraged to express interest in the program and will be considered on a ‘first in’ basis. If you have three or more children actively participating in the program, you will receive a complimentary Adult Valley Pass valued at $250.

Snow Passes
As per previous years, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology will be used to manage ticketing. There is a $5 surcharge for RFID Snow Passes. Participants who have their Snow Pass from last year can have it reloaded this year and there will be no surcharge. Enter your Customer ID number from your Snow Pass in the online form. If you are under 18 years of age or do not have a Snow Pass, you will need to supply a current colour passport photograph. Please email these to phillip.newman@mcmyrtleford.catholic.edu.au.


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